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September 16-18, 2014Boston

Known as the must-attend event for discovering what's next, MITX's FutureM brings together marketing and technology innovators to contemplate and celebrate the future of Marketing.  FutureM is about integrating traditional marketing, digital marketing, R&D, product development and all other parts of an organization that impact customer engagement and purchasing decisions; all hosted at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.


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    Couldn't make it to last year's FutureM? Then check out the 2013 FutureM Sizzle Reel to see what you missed!

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    FutureM will be hosted at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, in the heart of South Boston. Traveling from out of town? If you need hotel acommodations please contact info@futurem.org for details.

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    Our all-access pass gets you in to everything happening all three days of the event, inlcuding the sessions, the parties and the content! New this year, the pass includes snacks and lunch to keep your energy high. Buy your pass today!

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FutureM is different.

Boston is a forward-thinking city. We're always innovating, and FutureM celebrates that. FutureM is not an event. It's not a conference. In fact, there's nothing like it anywhere else. If you think you don't have time to spend away from your desk - think again! FutureM will get you so inspired, you'll accomplish your next two weeks of work in just one.

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FutureM is innovative.

Boston is one of the world's most innovative cities, and just the place to host FutureM week. FutureM combines the best elements of traditional events - like talented speakers, product launches, and networking opportunities - with the thrill of the future. You'll hear about things you've only dreamed of, and meet people you never imagined you'd meet.

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FutureM is futurey.

FutureM is so future-oriented, we had to make up a new word to describe it: futurey! (Tell your spellcheck.) FutureM's events are not about now; they're about soon, later, and WAY later. You'll learn about brand new concepts, and wildly futuristic ideas. Boston is a city full of innovators, and we think it's the perfect host for this futuristic event experience.

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FutureM is fun.

Remember in elementary school how your teachers always wrote "HAVE FUN!" on the blackboard before field trips? FutureM is like that, but all grown-up. You won't walk away from this week with a  long list of to-do's; instead you'll leave FutureM feeling happy, inspired, and (if you've been to some parties) possibly a little bit drunk.

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